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The driving forces of my creativity are sensuality and intuitiveness. A conversation with jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė

The interview is part of Jurgita Ludavičienė's project "Reading jewelry: Lithuanian version". The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.

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Lietuvos kūrėjai

Jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė: "The time of the creative process is sacred to me"

"Jewellery creation for jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė ​​is a magical process that takes the creator, who has been on a jewelry journey for seventeen years, every time to her own creative world."

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Homo Faber

Spreading joy through jewellery

• Šarūnė wants her work to provoke emotion

• She takes inspiration from nature and her own life

• One of her favourite materials to work with is amber

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15min / žmonės

Šarūnė Vaitkutė presents the jewelery exhibition "Heart"

Gallery "Meno niša" from December 20. invites you to the last exhibition of this year. The gallery will present an exhibition of author's jewelry "Heart" by one of the most active Lithuanian metal artists, Šarūnė Vaitkutė.

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Šarūnė Vaitkutė's jewelry exhibition is an aesthetic journey along the path of hearts

The gallery will present an exhibition of author's jewelry "Sirdis" by one of the most active Lithuanian metal artists, Šarūnė Vaitkutė.

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Šarūnė Vaitkutė's exhibition "Lost-Found" in the MENO NIŠA gallery

The first personal exhibition of Šarūnė Vaitkutė, one of the most active Lithuanian metal artists, is called "Lost-Found". What is lost? What was found? Everything at the beginning.

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Curious Coala

Šarūnė Vaitkutė

Professional Lithuanian jewelry and metal art. Authors worth knowing. Exhibitions, competitions and everything else that deserves my attention, as well as recommendations and anti-recommendations.

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Š. Vaitkutė: people say that my jewelry protected them, healed them...

The face and hands of jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė (35) are often covered with gold dust. Then, as the sun shines through the south window of the creative workshop, a cute little curl of a cheerful disposition sparkles like a bronze statuette. In her hands, precious stones and metals turn into beautiful jewelry. They are said to resemble dreams carved in stone, or golden rain deposited on the white foam of the sea.

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Facing your fear isn't easy, but courage can be life-changing. Jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė, who chooses extreme trips, believes in this.

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Labas Rytas, Lietuva

Exhibition of the hearts of Šarūnė Vaitkutė

Follow your heart - with this idea in Vilnius, jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė presented the author's jewelry exhibition "Heart". Let's take a look.

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Labas Rytas, Lietuva

Pleasant home. House of jeweler Š. Vaitkutė

"A pleasant home is one where happy people and joy live," says jeweler Šarūnė Vaitkutė, who lives with her partner Rolandas Žygas in a wooden house with a special history.

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